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Our Heritage

From being a solitary weaving unit in 1980, the company  has transformed itself to become one of the largest store  of the art integrated home textiles manufacture in the world. The company began its journey in 1970s, with each passing year adding immense value and progression, aligning and integrating seamlessly with the innovative advancements & globalization, becoming an emblem of Excellent Execution.

Kashif Polani    

Chairman of Al-Haseeb Textiles

Our Philosophy

People who don’t buckle in, don’t walk away.
People who ooze good under pressure and smile when it rains on them.

People who make bitter, better.
Fix what’s broken and improve what’s not. People who stumble. Fall. Fail. Hurt. But are just not ready to give up until it is done.
We are for these kinds of people.

And we believe these people have the power to inspire all of us.


Our aim is to be a market leader in terry textiles manufacturing  with our strong communications to deliver  innovation and quality to our customer by following or progressive and on the apparels.


We are leading vertically integrated industry known for the state art machinery and  infrastructure our mission is on building on environment  of prosperity and graphication   for all our customers and stakeholders through on operational excellence and solution based innovation. 

Our Competitive Strengths