Towel 100% Cotton

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Towel 100% Cotton, Bathroom Towels Set Soft Towel Highly Absorbent High Absorbent Shower Large Beach Towel Green.
Size: 3 Towels Set

Stitches are very good, clean stitches, small needles, flat craft, strong and durable.
The towels use pollution-free dyes, which have good color fastness and washability.
The thin rings are neatly arranged, smooth and delicate, bright in color and soft in texture.
The line is inserted evenly, the edges are gorgeous, the artistic satin file accentuates the flavor and doesn’t fall off easily.
It feels natural, comfortable and soft when it touches the skin and the surrounding ring is fluffy.

(Set comprises of, But can be Produced as per yours requirement)
Color: As Per requirement.




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